Peach and plum flower bloom on the plateau of Ha Giang in spring

After the Lunar New Year, it is the time of plum and peach are blooming Ha Giang. It combines with carpet yellow of Choy sum flower, creates a picture of the beautiful spring to delude everyone.

1Many visitors do not hesitate about long journey or difficult road to Ha Giang, they still visit Ha Giang to see a rugged and grandeur rock system, rugged mountain pass and colorful carpet flower in the North of Vietnam.

2While in Bac Ha and Moc Chau, peach and plum flower bloom in the large valley, in Ha Giang, there bloom more regular.

3Peach and plum flower blooms along Quan Ba road to Yen Minh road. Especially, it is focus on the area of Dong Van, Meo Vac and Lung Cu.

4And some yellow of white carpet of choy sum flower on the way to northernmost Lung Cu, Vietnam.

5Plum flowers in Ha Giang

6Peach and plum flower attract many tourists to see and admire natural beauty of spring in Vietnam

7Peach and plum flower in spring

8Children are the most pretty “flower” in rock area, Lung Cu, Ha Giang, Vietnam

9Cultural tourism village Lung Cam in Sung La Commune, Dong Van district is the house in the movie “What the Pao family”. As usual, it is the favorite destination of tourists by the most characteristic scenery of Ha Giang : the yin and yang tile roofs, stone fences.

Go to Ha Giang in the day after Lunar New Year, you will immersed in the most beautiful spring with colorful flowers.

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