“Tet” on “Ong Do” Street

When peach blossom bloom in all corners of Hanoi’s ancient city, It is the good time for opening “ Ong Do” Street until middle of January (lunar month). Like Ho Chi Minh City, many calligraphers in Hanoi visit the street to ask for letter and wish for luck. Some images of “Ong Do” Street to give

Ong Do's tents surrounding Van Lake

Ong Do’s tents surrounding Van Lake

Located surrounding “Van” Lake opposite the Temple of Literature – Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, the street attracts many Hanoians to give calligraphy from children to elder. Some images of the street  will show you overview regarding Vietnam culture.

Tents of Ong Do

Tents of “Ong Do”

Giving calligraphy in early year is become a beauty culture of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. Everyone want to receiver a letter to wish luck, health, success, happy for all year. Visit the street at that time, you have a good chance to learn about Vietnam calligraphy as well as meaning of each letter. You also listen “Ong Do” advise suitable words. Inside each words, it is a rich meaning to discover regarding Vietnam culture and Vietnam history.

Calligraphy in peach blossom tree

Calligraphy in peach blossom tree

13Many girls wear “ao dai” traditional clothe to vender “Ong Do” Street and take photos.

18Two children are smiling when they receiver calligraphy from Ong Do

7“Ong Do” calligraphy

6“Ong Do” concentrates on his calligraphy

14He is interested in his calligraphy

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