Travelers play as real framers in Tra Que vegetable village – 500 years old

Tra Que is one of famous traditional vegetable village, which was formed about 500 years ago in Quang Nam Province. It is located 3 km far from Hoi An old town. Surrounding by “De Vong” river, “Tra Que” lagoon, Tra Que has a fresh air and a good condition to plant vegetable. Vegetable in village provide for most restaurant , hotels as well as local market and people in Hoi An. There are many kind of vegetable. Tra Que is not only vegetable village but also it is a tourism destination to attract many travelers.

2“Cau Bong” is an annual festival in Tra Que village. It organizes on 25th February ( 7th January lunar month) in Tra Que village, Cam Ha commune, Quang Nam Province to hope for good weather and good harvest.

1In the early morning, local people offer a banquet to their deity in the middle of a large frame. The festival kicks off in drums, gongs. Every people gather and they are very enthusiastic to open the special festival. Children also stand near stage for seeing easier.

3The banquet includes boil chicken, sticky rice, fruits and flowers.

6 Fresh flowers arrange all presents. The elder man kneels to show respect to their ancestors, who have a strong merit to discover the 500 years of village.


Many tourists visit garden and was curious about “ Cau Bong” festival and they take many pictures.


They are interested in the festival and ask for tour guide regarding “ Cau Dong” festival as well as the history of Tra Que village.

7The ceremony took place for over an hour before they divide the banquet to everyone. It is meant that fortune will divide to all people. The man falls down “neu” tree to signal everyone to finish Tet holiday and start a new harvest season.  8 Tourists do as real framer. They wear traditional clothes and “non”.

9They learn how to plant vegetable by local framer.

10They are interested in admiring vegetable in the frame.


They are happy to cook dishes by their hand by ingredients from Tra Que village. The village is not only supply vegetable to Hoi An , but also Danang supermarket. Eco-tourism is also attraction activity of Hoi An tourism.

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