Traveling through Vietnam to admire 8 famous flowers

Traveling from the North to the South, you will have a good chance to discover majestic and beautiful landscapes as well as admire stunning view of many flowers to be an ionic of each area. The list will give you information about 8 beautiful flowers in Vietnam as the below:

1. “Tam giac mach” flower season in Ha Giang

In the late of October and early November, it is the season of “tam giac mach” flower. Which bloom in the way to Lung Cu, Ha Giang. Local people plant this flower to use seeds to make cakes or candies, there also combine with rice seeds and corn seeds to make a specialty wine “Ban Pho”. When the flower bloom, there are pink white and very beautiful. As the result, many valley flowers attract many young people as well as tourist to come here and take photo.

“Tam giac mach” flower




Local people in tam giac mach field

2.Choy Sum White Flower, Moc Chau

Located far from Hanoi center about 200km, Moc Chau is charm destinations for tourist at that time Choy Sum white flower blooms from the end of October to beginning of November. Many tiny flower cover a huge valley by white and natural beauty flowers.





3.Peach blossom in Sapa, Lao Cai

Although, Peach blossom blooms in almost the Northwest areas, there is the most special in Sapa. There attracts many tourists not only by big flowers, thick flank but also the peach blossom blooms under cold weather. From December to February, it is a good time to admire the flower. You also have chance to see snow fall – a special thing in Vietnam.






4. “Ban” flower in Northwest area
The flowers bloom around March, when the drizzle stopped and the sun has warmed up. The petals are pure white with natural beauty to cover mountains area. So that, long journey along 6 Highway from Hanoi to Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien is more beautiful and majestic. Many travelers were attracted by picturesque landscapes of “ban” flower.




5.Milk flower, Hanoi

Each season, Hanoi has different flowers as a symbol of seasons. But, milk flowers make the most impression to Hanoian as well as tourists by their unique perfumer. People called milk flower, because bunch of small flowers are white as milk color. Especially, many tiny milk flowers emit around corner to touch heart of many people. The flower blooms in autumn from September to November; this is a good time to visit Hanoi. You should come Nguyen Du Street, Thuy Khue, Quan Thanh street, Cua Bac or Dao Tam street if you have plan to come Hanoi.






6. Rhododendron in Lao Cai

Rhododendron blooms during year, but it is the most beauty in April. It is a natural trees but it has gorgeous flowers by large cotton, striking colors and varied as red, pink, yellow, white …To admire this flower, no where can be better than Hoang Lien Natural Park( Lao Cai), which is known as the “kingdom of Rhododendron” with over 20 different kind. The flower blooms when the weather is dry, this is also a good time to climb Fansipan Mountain. You can combine to achieve Fansipan and sight beautiful flowers. It will be a good choice and great experience.




7.Wild sunflowers, Dalat
In December, Dalat is throbbing by adventures feed of travelers from all parts of the country come to admire the wild sunflowers. Flowers grow both sides of the road, grow to catch the sun rising, leaf-faire as welcome. Although, it is not brilliant as sunflower, wild sunflowers bloom and create yellow carpet in almost ways to the city. You can ride motorbike to see wild sunflower along the way from D’ran or Kien Khuong to Dalat City.






8.Sesame fortune flower, Hanoi

Sesame fortune flower are red, tiny falling around Hoan Kiem Lake surface makes beautiful scenery, poetic, romantic. There bloom twice per year in early summer and late fall. Especially, the flowers bloom and emit at night when the sun falls down. The next morning, the flowers will fall down under tree and carpet or floating on the water.




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