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Vietnam culinary tour is specially designed for people who are interested in Vietnamese meals, and who want to learn how to cook Vietnamese cuisine.
You will have chance taste the different flavors of Vietnam’s specialties such as the Vietnam Spring Rolls, Fresh Spring Rolls, Cha Ca La Vong, Vietnamese’s Pho…
Our trip also covers most of the ‘must see’ sights of Vietnam while tantalizing the taste buds with some of World’s finest cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine is diverse and specific to each region. It is just deferent with others. The north’s cuisine tend to be more salty and traditional; the center is distinct spicy while the south’s cuisine is sweeter and liberal. Travel through this amazing country and discover its cuisines and attend different cooking classes, learn how to make famous Vietnamese food in different parts of Vietnam.
This Interesting culinary tour takes us to both historic capitals of Vietnam. You can experience Vietnam’s past and present in stately Hanoi and witness the beautiful nature can be by visiting picturesque Halong Bay, you also have the chance to visit the memorable Imperial City in Hue and stroll around in the historical sea port of Hoi An. The trip finishes in its bustling Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City.

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