Vietnam, a country at peace, is the land of history dating back thousands of years ago. A trip to Vietnam is almost like a journey back in time through dynasties and wartime with the existence of ancient ruins, long-established architectures and a rich culture.
Being home to eight world natural heritages recognized by UNESCO, Vietnam casts an enchantment on visitors for heart-touching spectacular landscape and become one of the top attractive tourist destinations in the world. An charming and elegant Halong Bay, the cultural Hanoi capital city, ancient and graceful Trang An Landscape Complex, marvelous and fascinating Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park with the world’s largest cave – Son Doong Cave, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, the dynamic and astonishingly developed Ho Chi Minh City – all is a daydream afar for everyone to steep in natural beauty, to sense the strong vitality and to delve in the richness and uniqueness of a heroic country.Vietnam travel

Experience a long history and wartime, Vietnam is witnessing an unprecedentedly high development in all areas from education, tourism, transportation to economic, scientific and technological development. With those amazingly outstanding achievements, Vietnam has advanced that much to join the path of industrialization, modernization and extensive world integration.
This beautiful multi-ethic country houses distinct custom, practice and tradition, which lies in the cultural diversity with myriad festivals and loads of well-preserved traditional patterns. Vietnam is also a multicolor religious picture with different religions, including Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Caodaism and so on. Taking pride in ideal geographical location and favorable weather condition for cruise excursions, coupled with natural scenery, unique traditional values and national identities, Vietnam has been opening its door to welcome international friends with a huge number of tours operated for those who fancy on discovering Vietnam; therefore, this S-shaped land, with no doubt, is a perfect getaway for visitors and travelers to set foot in and explore an amazing country.Vietnam weather

Climate in Vietnam
The climate in Vietnam is quite diverse which varies flexibly from the North to the South. Inspite of being known as a country located in tropical region, this country can make you surprised by cold temperature and even snow in the Northern highlands. Basically, Vietnam has two main monsoon seasons which are southwest monsoon bringing wetness and humidity while northeast monsoon bringing colder temperatures to the North and dryness to the South. Because of having long and narrow shape, the climate in 3 main regions in Vietnam is very different.
In the Northern, there are four distinct seasons. Winter falls in December to February whose temperatures can be dropped to 5-6 C and even under 0 C in the moutainous areas. Spring extends from March to April with cold temperatures and drizzling rains. After that, the weather gets very hot in the whole 3 months of summer from May to July with the maximum temperature reaching near 40C in the day. Finally, in the autumn (August – November), the weather is very comfortable with moderate temperatures and light rains. This time is considered the best time to visit well-known destinations in the North such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, etc.Saigon climate
The Central part of Vietnam has moderate temperatures around the year with hottest days falling from May to July and cooler weather from November to April. Summertime is the best time to visit this region because you can relax yourself in white sands, beautiful beaches and escape from the heat.
Southern Vietnam has two distinct seasons which are dry and wet season. The dry season extends from November to April and the wet season is the rest. The weather in the wet season can make you uncomfortable because it can be rainy and sunny unpredictably.