A trip to Vietnam is a great experience to steep in amazing landscape, culture, architecture and tradition. In order to plan your trip carefully, it is necessary to be well aware of how you should pack your travel to. Here are some tips on your packing lists when visiting Vietnam and Indochina countries.

– The necessaries: Two of the most important things are your passport and visa. The original documents are essential, but photocopies and scanned copies should be available in case you may lose your passport. Remember that all the countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. approve the same valid visa If you own one you also travel to the others.
– Suitable luggage and clothing: In fact, baggage tariffs on flights can be high if your luggage is heavy, so with a soft-shelled bag, you can save an amount of money. Moreover, regarding clothing, remember to dress modestly to be adaptable to the home culture. However, it is also necessary to consider where you’ll travel. Specifically, if it’s Ho Chi Minh City, bring lightweight as well as light rain jacket clothing as the rainy season ranges from June to November.

– Emergency kit and insect repellent are important to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes or other dangerous insects.
– Sun protection: For sure, you will go out a lot, so carry high SPF sprays or lotions to protect yourself from UV.
– Medicines: you cannot anticipate what’ll happen on the way. You may get sick or ill, so bring along medicines
– Camera or chargers: To capture the beauty of the scenery, the uniqueness of culture and tradition, a camera will help you save memorial moments of your unforgettable moments

– Swimsuit: Vietnam is the home to some of the world’s best beaches. A trip to Vietnam would be much more enjoyable if you visit gorgeous stretching beaches. Therefore, do not forget to carry an appropriate swimsuit
– Appropriate shoes: Vietnam’s topography is variable. If you intend to have trekking, walking or mountain climbing experience, waterproof and durable shoes are advisable.
– Travel book: You cannot understand clearly the country that you are traveling as your home country. So, a travel book will partly help you to make a wise decisions on what to do, what to eat, what to entertain and where to shop. You can find helpful travel tips with the help of travel books.